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Test Driving the Ford F-150

Ford’s been making big leaps in its approach to vehicles, and its Ford F-150 is just another step in a new, but potentially rich direction. Consumers will find that Test Driving the Ford F-150 has a lot of the same power and reliability they’ve met in prior models, alongside a new feeling of lightness.

The Ford F-150’s design incorporates more aluminum in the hull and in major structures, but without sacrificing any of its structural integrity or grit. The inclusion of aluminum in building helps to shave off half a ton of weight, if not more; this makes a major difference in aerodynamics and handling of the car. Overall, this new innovation pays off well and already promises to change how future trucks are designed and handled.

mfg 2015 ford f-150

With a choice of four different engines, from the basic 283 hp engine to the EcoBoost V6, Test Driving the Ford F-150 should give the user a good sense of power under the hood. While the light frame allows for faster acceleration and an overall freer feeling, the high design of the Ford will add a little to air drag once the truck starts pushing around 70 mph. Still, the suspension (while rough) holds up well off the road, and the power steering is satisfactory. Even without all its kinks hammered out, the new Ford F-150 is a model that gives a solid, powerful feeling when behind the wheel.

Comfort is definitely not a problem when you’re Test Driving the Ford F-150; the steering wheel is designed with long drives in mind. Its windows and arm rests are set at comfortable heights, and the buyer has an option of three different cab sizes. While the interior has an unmistakable overhaul with ergonomics as the focus, all the primary controls stay in the same spots as before. A brand new display between the familiar gauges showcases details such as tire pressure, and the trip computer, again combining the well-known with new innovations towards convenience.

Test Driving the Ford F-150 is an experience that consumers can enjoy through and through. Even with shortcomings, the F-150 is a model that lives up to Ford’s legacy, and brings many new things to the table. Available in both new trims for the adventurous and old trims for those prone to habits, the Ford F-150 has endless possibilities and options.

The 2015 Ford F-150 can be test-driven at Sound Ford, where potential buyers can get a good look at all it has to offer.